“Enhancing learning of oneself to create an intense amount of their endurance through knowledge.”

BPB is the Asia’s largest publisher of Computer, Electronic Books and CD Roms/ DVDs. For the last 50 years, BPB has been a friend, philosopher and guide for programmers, developers, hardware technicians, IT Professionals,etc. who have made things happen in the IT World. Our Chairman Shri G.C. Jain has been honoured with the PADMASHREE award in 2002 by Hon’ble President of India for his contribution in spreading IT Education in India.

BPB family has about 50 million people residing in diverse parts of Indian subcontinent and even farther than that. It is a family with computer literate people who have achieved this acumen and expertise by the perpetual quest of excellence. With such adornments as 2500 publications, about 50 million books sold over the year and about the same number of reader base, it is a matter of no surprise that BPB titles are prescribed as standard courseware at most of the leading schools, institutes and universities in India. BPB has proved its success in the field of computer education and anyone who has graduated in computer & electronics has graduated with BPB books.