While there is a heap of information and opinions out there relating to MS Project, there are few sources of knowledge at the depth we need to know in order to use the tool properly. An incredibly flexible tool, MS Project caters from the novice right through to the advanced user. As people’s level of skill and scheduling maturity grows, so too does their needs and expectations of the tool.

Paul E. Harris has brought out excellent reference books that are being published by BPB Publications. These books are:

  • Planning and Control using Microsoft Project 2013
  • Planning and Control using Microsoft Project 2013 & 2016

With changes made in MS Project and the popularity and function of MS Project Server growing, the need to schedule, update and report consistently becomes so much more important. These books can be used as a training manual, a self-teaching book or a user guide. They stay focused on the information required to create and update a schedule with or without resources using MS Project by concentrating on the core functions required to plan and control a project. The books keep information relevant to each topic in designated chapters and provide a quick reference at the start of each chapter to help in better understanding.

These books are aimed at:

  • Project managers and schedulers who wish to learn the software, but were unable to attend a training course and require a reference book.
  • Project management companies in industries such as building, construction, oil & gas, software development, government and defense who wish to run their own training courses or provide their employees a good practical guide to using the software.
  • Training organizations that require a training manual to run their own courses.

The author provides hints and tips to understand how to make the best use of the new capabilities of the new software and give the readers confidence to apply them to their projects. The books can be looked at through the following links:

To order or to know more about the books, visit


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