Primavera is an enterprise project portfolio management software. It includes project managementproduct management, collaboration and control capabilities, and integrates with other enterprise software.

Planning and control using Primavera P6 Version 7 by Paul E. Harris and published by BPB Publications is ideal for people who would like to quickly gain an understanding of how the software operates up to an intermediate level. It covers Primavera Versions from 3.5 onwards and it explains planners and schedulers in any industry how to set up and use the software in project environment. The concepts are described in comprehensive manner and in a logical sequence, the steps required to create and maintain an un-resourced and resourced schedule. It tackles some of the more complex aspects of the software that the user manual does not address, while also highlighting the sources of information and the methods that should be employed to produce a realistic and useful project schedule.

The book provides advice on how many software options may be applied to projects environments and it aims to teach readers how to plan and control projects created within the he software package and stays focused on explaining how to use Primavera to schedule projects by:

  • Concentrating on the core functions required to set up an enterprise environment and how to plan and control projects.
  • Providing command lists at the start of each chapter as a quick reference.
  • Providing a list of comprehensive and detailed table of contents.

Primavera P6 is not easy to use due to its deep and complex capabilities and feature set, so it requires training and this book is the best product to use for that training. The book is written by an experienced scheduler and a P6 use, not an IT person, and it is written for the P6 students who understand how to manage projects but needs to learn how to use the software. It draws on the author’s practical experience in using the software in a wide variety of industries. It also presents workable solutions to real day to day planning and scheduling problems. The book can be look at through the following link:

To order or to know more about the books, visit


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